Road Trip to Kaza


I love undertaking trips which have a tentative outline, but not a definite itinerary. What joy is a vacation, if one is constantly looking at their pre planned schedule and seeing whether or not they’re sticking to it. Don’t we do that enough in our lives otherwise?

We decide our academics, our jobs, career, when we’ll buy that car, or that house,when we’ll get married, when we’ll be “settled”. We spend so much time and effort in planning our life, yet it’s the experiences that are unplanned that create the best of memories.
My road trip to Kaza was one such experience. After the initial uncertainty of vehicles going to kaza, I got to travel in a shared scorpio cab with Chering, aged 24, who’s been with Rashtriya Rifles for 5 years, posted in kashmir. We had superb discussions and debates even as I showed him to use his new phones panorama mode and manual settings☺
In travel, as well as in life, it’s easier to let things take their own course, once a while. Let life help you create new memories, with new experiences.

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