was ist eine binaere option 2016 is over, but what can I do in 2017 that could make me a better citizen, a better individual? I’ve compiled a list of my top resolutions for 2017.

wie handeln mit binären optionen Resolution 1- Engage in a Dialogue with People of Opposite Views

cytotec buy cheap We’ve seen in 2016 that there has been a lot of polarization when it comes to an opinion on something- pro-Modi vs anti-Modi, pro-Trump vs anti-Trump, pro-Kejriwal vs anti-Kejriwal,pro-demonetization vs anti-demonetization, etc.

go here People have started to divide themselves according to their views which are concentrated at either one extreme or the other. One CAN have a view which is in the middle, one can have a neutral view, one can also have a view which is pro at one point of time and anti at another point of time. When we try to fit people into categories, discussion and dialogue becomes very difficult. When someone expresses a view that is different from ours, we react aggressively, which isn’t a healthy sign. If someone as much as expresses something that hints to a view different than theirs, the internet trolls spring into action and literally abuse people through social media. Polarization reduces chances of a dialogue, which polarizes people even further.

In 2017, I will become more dialogue-oriented. We need to have a dialogue with people who have different or opposite views than ours. And no, i don’t mean discussing whether Salman is better than Shahrukh! This will lead to two things- our thoughts will be filtered and will become sharp and second, we will understand why the other person thinks and believes the way they do. People have their own reasons to place their faith in certain things and it isn’t necessary that our thought process is always the right one.

best dating app in spain Resolution 2- Refrain from blindly following the Media

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