Movement is Life

Movement is life. As much as I seek stillness within, among oceans of calm, I find myself at a constant conflict with my external environment. Not being rooted in a native village, I’ve often found myself questioning if I really belonged to a place.
I see people who go back to a certain village or town each year, celebrate their festivals among those communities, relate to them as their own. That rootedness has never been mine to claim. This has taken me to so many more places though. Interestingly, the mountains have always felt like home calling. Though I’ve spent almost 28 years by the bay, the embrace of mountains has always held the warmth of a familiar pair of arms.
I feel that each of us should discover where we feel at home, away from the urban landscapes that we’re forced to call Home. The primitive genes in us are bound to have an inclination towards a natural topography. Let it reveal itself to you.


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