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1 Juang- The Oldest Tribe in Odisha - Karmatraveler
Juang- The Oldest Tribe in Odisha

मैं एक मानव हूँ और जो कुछ भी मानवता को प्रभावित करता है उससे मुझे मतलब है. – भगत सिंह
Juang is one of the 13 Primitive Vulnerable tribes among the total 62 tribes, and the oldest tribe of Odisha. In kaipur village of Banspal block, there are 60 families. The women have to go to a PHC- primary health center on foot for 5 kms. No state transport bus plies on this route since there isn’t much traffic, 6 seater auto-rickshaws are their best bet to get there.
The JDA- Juang Development Authority (constituted by GOI) brought tap water connection to the village two years back, but the tap hasn’t provided water even once since. The closest primary school is 2 kms. away. Electricity is erratic, telephone networks appear when they’re in a good mood, internet is non existent. Farming is rainfed, with a single crop of paddy, firewood and dung make for kitchen fuel. When I asked the women if they face any problems in the village, they said a simple NO.
We, citybreds seldom face power cuts, Mumbai doenst even face that. Our taps keep running as we shave our beards daily, mediclaim companies rush to tell you that the local doc is also covered in this new policy, internet and cellular network are as omnipresent as the airtel girl’s ad. And yet, when I ask people in cities if they face any problems, I’d quickly get a page full of them.
It makes me wonder who is more developed? The contented tribals who have nothing to lose, or the unsatisfied urban who’s ambition is an excuse for abuse.
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