How Anxiety Helped Me While Starting a 1000 km Cycle Ride Through Jharkhand

Starting with these pictures, I’ll be sharing the tales from last year’s 2000 km cycling through the states of Jharkhand and Odisha in East India.

The cycle bag from @evocinstagram has made it easy for me to take my bike wherever I travel. While airport officials are usually surprised to see me lugging a bag, the size of a 60-inch television it is amazing that the bike can be easily dismantled and reassembled within minutes. Covering thousands of kilometers means that you should be able to trust your machine. I’ve had the @trekbikes Domane endurance road bike for about 3 years. But the real tests have been on the roads where there were no roads.
You may have read the tribal rights issues that I wrote about, on my website If you haven’t, I urge you to. But these series of photos and videos hope to show you my personal journey through these tribal lands. The people I met, the cycling experiences through Ghats and forests, the delicious local foods, the hospitality of strangers and the gorgeous landscapes of Eastern Ghats. Stay tuned for the ride of a lifetime☺️

The beginning of any cycling expedition is rife with a lot of emotions. As I contemplate multiple factors that I’ll be encountering during the trip, the first day of my trip isn’t beginning the way I’d planned. The urban hangover of wanting to control situations still lurk over me. Seeing that the people involved took their own liberties with time isn’t helping my nervousness of beginning my 900 km ride through a largely Maoist infested state.

The NGO people were to outline my definite route plan and give me contacts of the people to meet. But it has been 6 hours and counting and I’m waiting for them to show up. If they don’t come soon, I will have to postpone today’s departure as it will be dark by the time I reach my destination. And it has just started to rain! On one hand, I am happy that I won’t have to sweat in the afternoon sun, but I’ve never ridden with all my belongings in rains. The apprehension is growing inside me.

Just to trick myself into believing that I will leave soon, I wear my rain jacket, gloves and helmet and take a seat. Our mind plays funny games with us. I sit looking at myself sitting like a fluorescent duck for an hour ☺️ But my dad’s words keep ringing in my head. He would often say, “If something hasn’t begun well, it’ll most definitely have a good ending”. As I sit there assuaging my apprehension, a pair of NGO staff turn up on their bike, their shirts drenched, apologies spilling from their mouths. Chairs are frantically pulled, hot tea brought in plastic bags is hastily poured and the discussion begins. I too, unzip my rain jacket, heave a sigh and start picturing myself on the road.

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